Therapy Sessions

Sessions are 60 minutes long and usually occur on a weekly basis. In the first few sessions I will conduct an assessment where I ask you questions about what brings you to therapy and I’ll ask you to share relevant details from your history. As I practice from an attachment-perspective, this history will be an important part of understanding your story and the unique perspectives you bring. We will work together to identify goals and select the therapeutic approaches that will best meet your needs.

Therapy is a journey of self-discovery that often leads to profound shifts. Our work together may be brief and focused on a specific goal or more exploratory and longer in duration.

Therapy for Children

My practice is family-centered, which means that I see children and adolescents as existing within the context of their environments.

Where there is a concern about the presentation of a child, the first assessment session will always take place individually with the caregivers in order to gather a history of the concerns and the caregiver’s perspective. Subsequent sessions can include me working directly with the child with a strong focus on incorporating the caregivers into sessions.

Therapy for Adolescents

Work with adolescents is based on the assumption that this is a developmental stage where young people increasingly seek autonomy from their parents. Therapy with adolescents honors this and conducts sessions individually with the adolescent as part of the assessment. With permission from the young person, parents are incorporated into the sessions or individual parent education sessions are held in order to discuss how to best support the young person. All information shared with parents is agreed upon with the adolescent beforehand.